Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creek II

Creek II, graphite
Creek II, 2010
Graphite on paper
5 13/16 x 4 9/16 inches

© 2010 Susan M. Lohse.  All rights reserved.

I was compelled to draw this view because I recognized its similarity to a distinctive composition sometimes used by Van Gogh in the photo I took:  sharply diagonal lines terminated by a high horizon line.

When I was nearly finished with the piece, I took another look at Van Gogh’s work to write this blog entry.  The view depicted here is no Arles, and I’m certainly no Van Gogh, but I was surprised to discover that I’d unintentionally taken a photo of and drawn the same general composition that Van Gogh used in Flowering Garden with Path (July, 1888).

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