Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Monarchy, female Monarch butterfly
Monarchy, 2009

© 2010 Susan M. Lohse.  All rights reserved.

My original intent for this blog was to share my artwork.  Initially, I mostly used photography as a means to an end; that is, as a tool for the artwork.  However, somewhere along the way, photography became an important means of artistic expression in and of itself.  So, with this evolution, I’ve decided to share some of my photos here.

Like so many photographic opportunities, the situation that allowed me to capture this beautiful Monarch butterfly was a serendipitous one.  Having been planted in several flowerbeds in the middle of a parking lot, the purple coneflower was in full bloom, and I wanted to take a few photos for reference.  As I was shooting the coneflowers, I noticed this butterfly flitting among what appeared to be some kind of milkweed.  I was able to take several shots of her that day, and thought this one was the best.

It’s such a joy when situations like this arise, especially since there aren’t as many Monarch butterflies around as there were when I was growing up.

If you’d like to support the declining Monarch population, please consider planting milkweed in your garden, in as large a mass as you can in bright colors.  Many species of milkweed serve as a food source for Monarchs, and it’s where they lay their eggs.  Milkweed attracts several other butterfly species, as well.  And don’t let the name fool you:  Milkweed is a very attractive perennial that comes in a variety of beautiful colors.
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